Meet Our Staff

Meet Our Team

Dr. Brandon Morris, D.C.

As a teenager, Dr. Brandon Morris was involved in a motor vehicle accident when he was struck by a drunk driver who ran a red light. Dr. Morris was left with severe torticollis and decreased range of motion in his cervical spine, for which he sought care from numerous specialists throughout his freshman year of college, none of which helped. Month after month would pass before someone would recommend chiropractic care. After a week of care, he was completely free of pain and full range of motion was restored. This experience left a lasting impression that would forever shape his life. After obtaining a Bachelors of Science Degree collaboratively in biology and chemistry from Francis Marion University and the University of South Carolina, Dr. Morris continued to pursue a career as a servant of the people. After two years into a pharmacy career, he felt unfulfilled in his ambitions to help people realize that chemicals merely attempt to mask symptoms of problems, while side effects cause other, often more serious problems. Remembering his own personal life changing experience with chiropractic care, He decided he wanted to become a doctor of chiropractic because only then could he truly help patients heal their problems at the source. Once obtaining his doctorate degree in chiropractic from Shurman College of Chiropractic, Dr. Morris began his career as a chiropractor. Since graduating, Dr. Morris has practiced in Columbia, SC, and is now practicing in Florence, SC. He enjoys helping others in the community by offering a drug and surgery free alternative approach to living healthy and boundless lives.

Dr. Mathew Ashkettle, D.C.

Dr. Ashkettle was born and raised in Tuscarawas, OH, and was a three-sport athlete during his high school years. Throughout his high school career, he suffered many injuries, which is where he was first introduced to chiropractic care. The Town Chiropractor was the first choice of the community for health and wellness related issues, which at the time was not the norm. That is when the thought of becoming a chiropractor first entered his mind. Dr. Ashkettle went on to play baseball in college at Shawnee State University and in 1997 received his Business Degree. He was a four- year starter and was elected into the Athletic Hall of Fame for his success on the diamond. He attended Life University in Marietta, GA, and received his Doctorate of Chiropractic in 2001. Dr. Ashkettle brings with him 17 years of chiropractic experience. He has practiced in Columbus, OH and is now practicing in Florence, SC.

Celista McKenzie
APRN, Family Nurse Practitioner

Celista McKenzie is the Medical Director and Nurse Practitioner for our clinic. She began her career with us in October 2015. She is responsible for overseeing all aspects of medical care for our patients and provides services that include burn treatment, suture removal, corticosteroid injections in knees, elbows, and shoulders; and physicals, just to name a few. She also coordinates other treatments we offer to our patients such as active and passive therapies, chiropractic care and massage therapy. She is a native of Olanta, S.C. and received her RN Degree from Florence Darlington Technical College in 2004, then proceeded to get her BSN Degree from the University of Phoenix in April 2013 and a Master’s Degree from Walden University in August 2015. She brings with her 16 years of experience, including 3 years in the emergency room where she continues to work PRN.

Brenda Kennedy
Office Manager

Brenda Kennedy is the Office Manager and joined our team in February 2014. Previously, Brenda was employed with JPMorgan Chase and Company, and she offers 25 years of management experience and customer service. Her goals are to not only ensure we operate at the highest level of efficiency but also strive to provide excellent care to all patients. Brenda is an extremely professional, positive, and energetic person who loves meeting new people. Her favorite pastime is spending time at the beach with family and friends.

Wynelle Miller

Wynelle Miller began working with our team in December 2012 serving as a receptionist. She is responsible for scheduling appointments, patient check-in, answering phones, and many other clerical duties. Her main goal is to ensure patients feel welcome and have a pleasurable experience. Her top priority is to always have a smile on her face and to possess a cheerful demeanor. Wynelle believes it is important for every patient to be treated with dignity and respect. She enjoys working in the yard and spending time with her family.

Amanda Bartley

April Nesmith
Chiropractic Assistant

April began working with our team in October 2016 as a Chiropractic Assistant. Her main focus is coordinating the treatment and care of personal injury patients. She also helps with front desk duties and assists the chiropractors as needed. She strives to provide excellent care to her patients. Prior to coming to our team, April worked as a Certified Surgical Technologist in the Cardiovascular Department of McLeod Regional Medical Center. April enjoys spending time with her family and friends.

Michael Strickland
Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist

Michael Strickland attended the Alpha School of Massage in Greenville, South Carolina. He moved to Johnsonville in 2008 and became a Licensed Therapist in 2009.He worked in Hemingway with a small clinic that he owned. In 2010, Michael worked part-time for Florence-Darlington Technical Community Spa. In 2012, Michael began practicing working with our team and has been helping patients and clients feel their healthiest and happiest ever since.
Swedish Full Body
Trigger Point Therapy
Neuromuscular Therapy
Hot Stone Therapy
Myofascial Release
Sports Massage
Muscle Energy Release

Amanda Eckert
Licensed Massage Therapist

Amanda completed her massage training at the Dovestar Institute of Holistic Technology and became a Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist (LMBT #5148) in 2007. She quickly discovered that while she enjoyed helping her clients relax with massage, her real drive was to help them restore their body's functionality and relieve the aches and pains that come with injury and overuse. To achieve this, each massage session is a uniquely created blend of both relaxation and targeted muscle work centered around the client's particular problem areas or needs.
Swedish Full Body
Myofascial Release
Neuromuscular Release
Trigger Point Therapy
Orthopedic Integration Therapy
Repetitive Use Injury TherapyTM
Neural Reset Therapy
Thai Reflexology

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